Egg-cited to be back!

An absolutely fantastic turnout yesterday, with faces, old and new coming along to the return of gaelic games in St albans!

Credit to our coaches and mentors, they had the kids gripped right from the get-go and the kids even got themselves an early Easter treat at the end, distributed by our new Chairwoman, and Vice Chairman!

Ladies return to play

Our senior ladies took to the pitch tonight in their first session back on the pitch. With fixtures currently pending from GloHerts, our ladies have a few weeks to get back in match ready!

Newbies always welcome – get in touch if you are interested in joining!

St Colmcille’s Summer Summer-y

For our underage players, the summer coming to an end means getting back to school. For some of our senior players, it means actually having to set an alarm for the mornings. Can we all take a minute to feel sorry for John, David, Claire, Dec & Tadgh…

The summer has been jam packed for our club. Whilst I may not be able to mention everything that has happened, I’ll certainly do my best:


Golf Day

The golf day proved fruitful as one of the clubs biggest fundraising opportunities, along with being a cracking day out, some excellent BBQ food and some funny totalling of scores. Hats off to Alan Finn who ‘never played golf before’ but came out the victor on the day.

The ABC’s

Well. Where do we start?! Overall the club put in a phenomenal display, be it via the girls teams and the boys teams. A huge testament to the endless hours of work put in by both the players, parents and trainers


Club Day

Where do I start?! A massive deal for the club, this is the clubs’ 80th year and this was deemed worthy of a big soiree. From the early morning planning, which at times was reminiscent of a Benny Hill movie, to the frantic delegation of duties to our fantastic volunteers. The day was a huge success from a few different points of view. Firstly, it was a great way to celebrate this fantastic little club, tucked away in Cotslandswick, St Albans. Secondly, it raised awareness that we’re there! There was press coverage, passers-by that decided to see what the coverage was, and it was a great way of getting our senior teams and our underage teams together. Thirdly, it was a great fundraiser that not only ensures the club can function for the forthcoming year, but also that reinvestment can occur, to help propel St Colmcille’s to the fore as one of the UK’s top GAA clubs.

We had bouncy castles, beer, underage games, old man games, more BBQ, music, dancing, you name it!

Joe Deacy Memorial Weekend

Onto a more sombre event. In august, a huge contingent of friends and family flew over to Ireland to celebrate the life of one of our past members, Joe Deacy. As I’m in no doubt you are aware, Joe tragically died in Mayo last year, and the person responsible for his death has never been found. Joe was a huge part of the senior outfit, having ascended from the underage side, and what better way to celebrate his life than by hopping on a plane, flying over to Mayo and playing a memorial match. St Colmcille’s were heavily represented, fielding a full team with a huge compliment of substitutes. It was excellent to see the real team spirit shine through in an event that will have been a tough experience for many, and many in St Colmcille’s.

Cul Camp

Right, now we’re talking. The Cul Camp has been running now for a few years however the one just gone saw huge numbers attend. Over 40 kids on average turned up to get stuck in to some Hurling and Football over three days. A great turnout, which shows the growing enthusiasm for Gaelic games in St Albans

Women Winning League and Championship

The women carried on their winning spree from last year by winning the championship earlier on in the summer followed by being announced as winners of the league only last week.

All-Ireland Feile Success

St Colmcille’s were represented by 7 players who travelled over to Ireland to the annual Feile Peile na nOg competition. This is another example of how much Gaelic games are growing in this county. The team won their division and brought home a trophy, along with individual medals as proof of their success.

Dublin Winning 4 in a Row

I’ll just leave that there for now…!


Any Other News???

We’ve had weddings, an engagement, and the men are just about to embark on their attempt to retain the Championship…

Stay tuned!