Tommy Maloney

Name Tommy Maloney
County Mayo
Preferred Position Back
St Colmcilles Debut 2007


June 2017 Interview


Favourite Position: Just on the field
Colmcilles Debut: 2007
Home Club: Moy Davitts Gaa
Home County: County Camden (London)

Best G.A.A. Memory as a Young Player: I’m still young! – No you’re not!!
Favourite Sporting Moment as a Player: Scoring a point with outside off my right boot against Cambridge, like Lee Keegan (one and only point in 10 years)
Toughest Opponents: Ourselves
Any Pre-Match Superstitions: None

Biggest Joker: Bob Canty
Attention Seeker: Me, Myself & I
Best Trainer: Tommy McAndrew
Worst Trainer: No Comment
Fastest: Jason Donnelly
Toughest: Paul Dolan
Most Talented: Paul Anderson
If You Could Take One Footballing Attribute From A Teammate To Incorporate Into Your Game, Who & What Would It Be: James Power for his Power

Favourite Sport Outside of Gaelic Games: Soccer
What Sport Would You Play if You Didn’t Play Gaelic Football: Golf
Best Footballer Ever: Ciarán McDonald
Best Current Footballer: Aidan O’Shea
Most Admired in Sport: Denis Bergkamp
Favourite Movie: Braveheart
Favourite Music: Country
Favourite Invention: The hangover cure (not invented yet)

Rice or Pasta: PASTA
Fruit or Veg: FRUIT
Ice-Cream or Chocolate: CHOCOLATE
Cinema or Dvd: CINEMA
Netflix or Cable: BOTH
Facebook or LinkedIn: FACEBOOK
Twitter or WhatsApp: WHATSAPP
iPhone or Android: IPHONE
The Wire or Love/Hate: THE WIRE
Chips or Crisps: CRISPS
Chinese or Indian: CHINESE
Sun or Slopes: SUN ON THE SLOPES
Harry Potter or Luke Skywalker: LUKE SKYWALKER
Simpsons or Family Guy: FAMILY GUY
Wax or Gel: WAX
Steak or Chicken: CHICKEN
Home or Away: HOME

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