Gavin Walsh

Gavin Walsh

Gavin Walsh

Name Gavin Walsh
Profile Player of the Year 2013
County Cavan
Preferred Position Forward
St Colmcilles Debut 2012


Favourite Position: Centre Half Forward
Colmcilles Debut: 2012
Home Club:  Lavey GFC
Home County: Cavan

Best G.A.A. Memory as a Young Player:  Cavan winning the Ulster Championship in 1997 / Lavey winning Cavan JFC 2003
Favourite Sporting Moment as a Player:  Winning Cavan Division 3 Minor Championship 2005
Toughest Opponents: Nobody stands out.
Any Pre-Match Superstitions: Always 2 pair of socks

Biggest Joker: David Breen is a clown
Attention Seeker:  Thomas Patrick Kieran Maloney
Best Trainer:  Conor Carney doesn’t shirk on the sprints
Worst Trainer: Without a doubt Chris Griffin
Fastest: Jason Donnelly
Toughest: I try to stay away from Brian Phelan and Paul Dolan for my own safety
Most Talented: I think Ben McAndrew scored 2-2 off me in a challenge game in about 15 minutes aged 12.

If You Could Take One Footballing Attribute From A Teammate To Incorporate Into Your Game, Who & What Would It Be: Some pace would be nice – so a bit from Jason Donnelly, Mark Hayes, Conor Carney or Joe Deacy.

Favourite Sport Outside of Gaelic Games: Rugby
What Sport Would You Play if You Didn’t Play Gaelic Football:  Rugby
Best Footballer Ever:  Dermot McCabe
Best Current Footballer: Gerry Smith
Most Admired in Sport: Paul O’Connell
Favourite Movie: Goodfellas
Favourite Music: Christy Moore Live at the Point 1990
Favourite Invention:  Iphone

Rice or Pasta: Pasta
Fruit or Veg:  Fruit
Ice-Cream or Chocolate:  Chocolate
Cinema or Dvd: Dvd
Netflix or Cable:  Netflix
Facebook or LinkedIn:  Facebook
Twitter or WhatsApp:  Whatsapp
iPhone or Android:  iPhone
The Wire or Love/Hate:  Both class
Chips or Crisps: Crisps
Chinese or Indian: Indian
Sun or Slopes: Slopes
Harry Potter or Luke Skywalker:  Both nonsense
Simpsons or Family Guy: Family Guy
Wax or Gel: I wish.
Steak or Chicken: Steak
Home or Away: Home

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