Miriam Dyar


Name Miriam Dyar
Profile 2014 “50 Shades of Tan” Award
County Mayo
Preferred Position Full Forward
St Colmcilles Debut March 2013


August 2016 Interview

Position: Full Forward
Colmcilles Debut: March 2013 – Against Luton
Home club: Westport
Home County: Mayo

First G.A.A. memory: Liam McHale getting sent off in the ’96 All Ireland final …The Injustice!!
Favourite sporting moment as a player: Beating Luton in the championship (Hopefully this will change on the 31st to “Winning a Championship Final!”)
Worst sporting moment as a player: Dislocating my knee proving a point to the manager
Any pre-match Superstitions: Have to have my red headband (and my sports bra, but that’s more essential requirement!!)

Favourite sport outside of Gaelic Football: Anything Equestrian
Favourite invention: Aeroplane (and subsequently Knock airport)
Favourite Food: Mammy’s dinner
Favourite Drink: Tea
Favourite Music: Anything with an acoustic guitar (and an attractive man attached to that guitar)
Favourite Movie: Four Weddings and a Funeral
Favourite player: Ciarán McDonald, obviously!!

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