Maeliosa Hardy

Name Maeliosa Hardy
Profile  Vice Captain, 2014 “Hardy By Name, Hardy By Nature” Award
County Antrim
Preferred Position Back
St Colmcilles Debut March 2013


Maeliosa Hardy

Maeliosa Hardy

August 2016 Interview

Position: Half-Back
Colmcilles Debut: March 2013
Home club: Rasharkin / Bredagh
Home county: Antrim


First G.A.A. memory: Heading off to watch a match and having a picnic on the way home! Big day out!!
Favourite sporting moment as a player: Winning my first club championship
Worst sporting moment as a player: Probably getting beat by the ‘Poly’ or last year against Luton
Any pre-match Superstitions: Not really, just not to change shorts back if by the odd chance they are put on back-to-front

Favourite sport outside of Gaelic Football: Camogie as a player and Rugby to watch
Favourite invention: WhatsApp
Favourite Food: Steak
Favourite Drink: Guinness (for its nutritional value) and coffee
Favourite Music: I have a very wide ranging list (but Beyoncé has to be my favourite)
Favourite Movie: Hunger Games
Favourite Player: Still has to be Ciarán McDonald (hope he’s reading this)

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