Laura Fitzpatrick


Name Laura Fitzpatrick
County Kerry
Preferred Position Corner-Back
St Colmcilles Debut October 2012
Laura Fitzpatrick

Laura Fitzpatrick

August 2016 Interview

Position: Corner-Back (or wherever Kevi Devi decides!)
Colmcilles Debut: October 2012
Home club: Glenbeigh Glencar
Home County: Kerry

First G.A.A. memory: Doing target practice in Caragh Lake with my cousins Liam & Mike, probably aged 5 or 6
Favourite sporting moment as a player: Winning the schools All Ireland (closely followed by Layla running the wrong way down the pitch)
Worst sporting moment as a player: Losing the All Ireland final on my last school year (or seeing anything come past Eilís which means I’ve to do a bit of work – doesn’t happen often to be fair!)
Any pre-match Superstitions: Used to be a blade of grass in my left sock but not anymore

Favourite sport outside of Gaelic Football: Hurling or UFC
Favourite invention: Uber
Favourite Food: Jelly Beans
Favourite Drink: Gin & Ginger Ale
Favourite Music: Lots of 90s & 00s
Favourite Movie: Forest Gump
Favourite player: Cora Staunton – what a power house! (only time I’ll ever be backing Mayo!!)

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