Helen Taggart


Name Helen Taggart
Profile The “I ♥ Luton” 2014 Award
County Tyrone
Preferred Position Forward
St Colmcilles Debut March 2013

Helen Taggart

August 2016 Interview

Position: Half-Forward
Colmcilles Debut: March 2013
Home club: Omagh St. Endas
Home County: Tyrone

First G.A.A. memory: Kicking a football up and down the garden with my dad.
Favourite sporting moment as a player: Beating Claddaghs!
Worst sporting moment as a player: Breaking my ankle and sitting out for a year.
Any pre-match Superstitions: Must wear a headband and two pairs of socks.

Favourite sport outside of Gaelic Football: Netball (To play) and Rugby (To watch)
Favourite invention: Internet
Favourite Food: Potatoes!
Favourite Drink: Club Orange (Since I’ve moved away from home)
Favourite Music: Rock
Favourite Movie: Forrest Gump
Favourite player: Peter Canavan (God)

Helen has been an outstanding player for St Colmcilles Ladies since the club was formed and is regularly the team’s top scorer. She also represents the club on the Glo-Herts county team.

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