Hannah Kilgore


Name Hannah Kilgore
County Derry
Preferred Position Midfield
St Colmcilles Debut June 2016


August 2016 Interview

Position: Midfield
Colmcilles Debut: June 2016
Home club: Slaughtmanus
Home County: Derry

First G.A.A. memory: Coming from a soccer game to a gaelic game, my first thought was “how short are these shorts??”
Favourite sporting moment as a player: Getting my first start for the county at 16.
Worst sporting moment as a player: Losing by 2 points in the Championship final 2014
Any pre-match Superstitions: Pro plus (believe me, it works)

Favourite sport outside of Gaelic Football: Rugby
Favourite invention: BYO (Bring Your Own)
Favourite Food: Pasta
Favourite Drink: Love a bit of Gin now and again!
Favourite Music: Indie/Pop
Favourite Movie: Home Alone
Favourite player: Michael Murphy (Donegal)

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