St Colmcille’s Summer Summer-y

For our underage players, the summer coming to an end means getting back to school. For some of our senior players, it means actually having to set an alarm for the mornings. Can we all take a minute to feel sorry for John, David, Claire, Dec & Tadgh…

The summer has been jam packed for our club. Whilst I may not be able to mention everything that has happened, I’ll certainly do my best:


Golf Day

The golf day proved fruitful as one of the clubs biggest fundraising opportunities, along with being a cracking day out, some excellent BBQ food and some funny totalling of scores. Hats off to Alan Finn who ‘never played golf before’ but came out the victor on the day.

The ABC’s

Well. Where do we start?! Overall the club put in a phenomenal display, be it via the girls teams and the boys teams. A huge testament to the endless hours of work put in by both the players, parents and trainers


Club Day

Where do I start?! A massive deal for the club, this is the clubs’ 80th year and this was deemed worthy of a big soiree. From the early morning planning, which at times was reminiscent of a Benny Hill movie, to the frantic delegation of duties to our fantastic volunteers. The day was a huge success from a few different points of view. Firstly, it was a great way to celebrate this fantastic little club, tucked away in Cotslandswick, St Albans. Secondly, it raised awareness that we’re there! There was press coverage, passers-by that decided to see what the coverage was, and it was a great way of getting our senior teams and our underage teams together. Thirdly, it was a great fundraiser that not only ensures the club can function for the forthcoming year, but also that reinvestment can occur, to help propel St Colmcille’s to the fore as one of the UK’s top GAA clubs.

We had bouncy castles, beer, underage games, old man games, more BBQ, music, dancing, you name it!

Joe Deacy Memorial Weekend

Onto a more sombre event. In august, a huge contingent of friends and family flew over to Ireland to celebrate the life of one of our past members, Joe Deacy. As I’m in no doubt you are aware, Joe tragically died in Mayo last year, and the person responsible for his death has never been found. Joe was a huge part of the senior outfit, having ascended from the underage side, and what better way to celebrate his life than by hopping on a plane, flying over to Mayo and playing a memorial match. St Colmcille’s were heavily represented, fielding a full team with a huge compliment of substitutes. It was excellent to see the real team spirit shine through in an event that will have been a tough experience for many, and many in St Colmcille’s.

Cul Camp

Right, now we’re talking. The Cul Camp has been running now for a few years however the one just gone saw huge numbers attend. Over 40 kids on average turned up to get stuck in to some Hurling and Football over three days. A great turnout, which shows the growing enthusiasm for Gaelic games in St Albans

Women Winning League and Championship

The women carried on their winning spree from last year by winning the championship earlier on in the summer followed by being announced as winners of the league only last week.

All-Ireland Feile Success

St Colmcille’s were represented by 7 players who travelled over to Ireland to the annual Feile Peile na nOg competition. This is another example of how much Gaelic games are growing in this county. The team won their division and brought home a trophy, along with individual medals as proof of their success.

Dublin Winning 4 in a Row

I’ll just leave that there for now…!


Any Other News???

We’ve had weddings, an engagement, and the men are just about to embark on their attempt to retain the Championship…

Stay tuned!

Return to Form for St Colmcilles in the Father O’Hanlon Cup

Another warm evening ensued in St Albans where St Colmcille’s took on St Vincents of Luton. Throw in at 7:30 (ish) and a late substitution of referee, which saw Pat Walsh take on the responsibility.

Right from the throw in St Colmcilles showed a hunger comparable to the fella on Easter Sunday who gave up chocolate for Lent. A few quick points, followed by and excellent goal put Colmcilles off on the best start they could have hoped for. Keeping the pressure on throughout, the middle of the pitch seemed dominated by the hosts, who used it as their distribution point for setting out their attack.

Vincents regularly threatened the Colmcilles defence however they found it difficult to pick out the two danger-men in each corner. Tactile marking and some excellent working of the ball back out of the defence ensured a diligent descent on their back line. Hand passing proved key to the hosts throughout the first half, as well as only losing of their kick-outs versus five of the visitors

Some injuries were picked up in the first half where Colmcilles needed to make two substitutions. Declan O’Neill was rested for a niggling calf injury. Conor Carney was victim to a stray elbow which consequently broke his nose. He’s recovering well although his Instagram account has lost 30% of his followers…

On the subject of injuries, Tom Maloney also suffered an ankle injury during the warm up… trying to volley the ball

At half time the score was 4-08 to 0-01. Another change was made for Colmcilles where Shane Gill was rested with a suspected dislocated thumb. The restart was won by the visitors who showed a revitalised effort and led to them competing more for the ball. Undeterred by this, the hosts continued their dominance and railed in some excellent scores, both above and below the crossbar. A hand pass over the bar was even attempted by Mark Hayes, only to be denied by the big white post on the right…

Three of our most experienced players, Conor Taggart, Paul Dolan and Neil Gallagher (wearing different branded boots on each foot) took to the field. Whilst all received plenty of the ball, it was Neily who managed to book himself a point. No doubt we’ll be informed of this for months to come.

Perhaps fatigue set in with the hosts which saw Vincent’s capitalise on and kick over four scores.

Again determined to build on the tally of the first half, goals came from Chris Griffin, Brendan Jordan and Michael Logue along with some super points from many of the others. Colmcilles had scores from an impressive eleven different players on the night.

Final Score

St Colmcilles – 7-17

St Vincents – 0-5

Colmcilles Ladies Retain Championship Trophy For 3-In-A-Row!!!

Three In A Row for The Colmcilles Ladies!!!!

Colmcilles laid down their marker with a first minute goal in sunny St Albans from Fiona Kennedy. Claddaghs tried to counter however Laura Fitzpatrick came in with an excellent block. Some very quick feet from Niamh Gallagher ensured the ball travelled back up the pitch for another score from our Fiona. With the sweltering temperature on the pitch, the referee called a much needed water break whilst those on the side-line grabbed a chance to fill back up their glasses with ice and Magners. As play resumed, Maz for Colmcilles seems entirely elusive from her marker as she completely controlled the middle third of the pitch. Unfortunately Maz took a break from the pitch and Ann Griffin came on to replace her. Some excellent scoring from Colmcilles including one which knocked off the post and over the bar for Niamh Gallagher. In the final seconds of the first half Claddaghs began their scoring with a lovely point.

Claddaghs approached with a new lease of life and sent a warning signal to the hosts with a great goal. As soon as the ball was kicked back out, it was intercepted by Claddaghs and went straight over the bar. As if that wasn’t enough to instil fear into Colmcilles, Claddaghs scored another goal. Undeterred from their mission to keep that championship trophy in St Albans, Colmcilles marched back down the pitch, only to have a goal disallowed due to a square ball. Colmcilles were awarded a free thirty yards out. Ann griffin stepped up and sailed the ball high in towards the goal. It dipped beautifully and hit the back of the net. Jackie, Claddagh’s keeper, was kept incredibly busy and pulled off some excellent saves for the visitors. Maz returned to the pitch and resumed her excellent dominance of the middle of the pitch. Claddagh gained their third goal of the match shortly before another well-earned water break. Claddagh Gaels started off again like they did the second half with a blistering goal and point in quick succession. Claddagh showed incredible spirit by getting back within three points of the hosts. Colmcilles remained valorous in their 3-in-a-row objective and responded with a goal before Fiona finished the game off with a lovely hand pass over the bar.

The final score was 4-16 to 4-8 in favour of the hosts. Claddagh had five different scorers on the pitch with Colmcilles having six. A sunny sensational spectacle of football which illustrates the ever-increasing quality here in Glo-Herts.

Colcmilles Captain Claire Maher receives the cup from Claddagh Manager Bill Barrett

Claddagh Gaels: 1. Jackie Sheridan 2. Erin Sheridan 3. Edel Brady 4. Rachel Nicholis 5. Alex Brennan 6. Shauna McSweeney 7. Louise Gibbons 8. Clair Corcoran (1-1) 9. Yvonne Lennon 10. Shauna Maloney (1-1) 11. Fiona Friel (1-0) 12. Jacqueline McGoldrick (1-3) 13. Sarah Calpin 14. Souxsie Eiles 15. Natalie Flynn (0-2) 16. Madeline Mitchell 17. Mary Mulcranny 18. Karen Fahy 19. Caoimhe Barett 20. Aisling McAree 21. Maria Sexton

St Colmcilles: 1. Kate Rougheen 2. Verity Townsend 3. Laura Fitzpatrick 4. Rebbeca Oliver 5. Bebhinn Kennedy 6. Eilis Moran 7. Hannah McCorkindale 8. Niamh Gallagher 9. Claire Maher 10. Sophie Veal (0-6) 11. Erika Fealy (1-3) 12. Grace Beaker 13. Maz Home Botel (0-2) 14. Fiona Kennedy (2-3) 15. Cat Regan (0-2) 16. Ann Griffin (1-0) 17. Niamh Mangan 18. Jude McAteer 19. Helen Taggart

St Colmcilles GAC 2017 AGM

The St Colmcilles Gaelic Athletics Club’s Annual General Meeting will take place at 3pm on Sunday the 25th February in the St Albans Irish Club – Official.
If you are interested in getting involved in this great club and helping to grow the club in the future, please try to come along to the meeting to express an interest and have your voice heard.
There are positions free on the committee that we will be looking to appoint on the day and we always welcome new committee members.
Hope to see you all there. Colmcilles Abú!

St. Colmcilles Under 14s & 16s Girls – All Britain Competition Winners 2017

The St Colmcilles Ladies after winning the 2016 League Final – Pictured with the Oxford 7s trophy and the Glo-Herts League and Championship trophies


Joe Deacy’s family on RTÉ Crimecall

Hello All,

We are trying to create awareness over the coming weeks as Joe Deacy‘s family have been in Dublin to film for RTÉ One Crimecall.

The show goes out on Monday 29th January and the aim is to get as many people to watch the show in the hope that someone somewhere may just talk.

We lost Joe, tragically, last year. He was just 21 years of age. Since then, there has been no outcome from the investigation that followed his death.

We appreciate that we are all in England, but if we can all spread the word, then someone you tell may tell someone else which may just trigger something.

It’s a long shot but it is where we’re at and Joe deserves a break and so does his family for some sort of peace of mind and closure.

Thank you

Merry Christmas 2017

St Colmcilles 2017 Youth Presentation Event

St. Colmcilles will be hosting an End of Year Presentation Event for our Youth teams.

2017 has been a fantastic year for all our youth teams and we want to get everyone together to celebrate and recognise these achievements and the hard work that all of our young players, as well as their parents and coaches, have put in all season.

There will be a Gaelic Football Blitz for the Under 8s & Under 10s starting at 2.30pm.

This will be followed by the presentation of awards for all Youth teams including medals and certificates. There will also be food and drink and some music in the Irish Club.

We hope that you can come and make it a great day to celebrate.

More information here.

2017 St Albans City & District Sports Awards Ceremony

It was an amazing night for St Colmcilles GAC at the 2017 Active St Albans City & District Sports Awards Ceremony last night.

In 2016, the club won the Community Project of the Year Award for the Gaelic 4 Girls initiative which started our Under 14s Girls team and this time we had received 4 nominations for this year’s awards.

Neil Gallagher was nominated for Male Coach of the Year for his work with the Under 12s team and the Under 14s and 16s girls’ teams.

Both the men’s and ladies’ senior teams were each nominated for the Sports Team of the Year Award and St. Colmcilles, as a whole, was nominated for the Community Club of the Year Award.

The club won the Community Club of the Year Award and received Recognition Awards for the other nominations.

This is a fantastic achievement and something that we all, as players, coaches, members, parents and supporters, should be very proud of. Thank you to everyone who makes our club great. Well done all!!

Colmcilles Abú!!

St. Colmcilles G.A.C. – 2017 Cúl Camp – Day 3

St. Colmcilles G.A.C. – 2017 Cúl Camp


Day 3 of the St. Colmcilles Cúl Camp was great fun once again with everyone enjoying the day as the camp drew to a close for 2017. Well done to all the kids who took part in the camp and made it the great success that it was.

The club have to say a massive ‘Thank you’ to all coaches from both the men’s and the ladies’ senior teams who helped out over the 3 days. John O’Dowd, Daithi Breen, Odhrán Gallagher, Thomas Patrick Kieran Maloney, Bob Canty, Kevin Devlin and especially Naomh Ní Mhongáin were fantastic in running the Cúl Camp, ensuring that all the kids had a great time and got the most from the 3 days. Also a big ‘thank you’ to Rory Norris and Naomh for organising the camp and making sure it was a brilliant success.

There are still a few more weeks left in the underage season with Wednesday trainings at the club, a few blitz competitions and finishing with the St. Colmcilles Blitz and the Underage Presentation Evening on the 30th September at the St Albans Irish Club – Official. More information to come on this evening soon.


The dates have been set for this year’s St. Colmcilles Cúl Camps. This is a great opportunity for young kids to experience Gaelic Games, whether they are regular players or are taking part for the first time. It is a great chance to meet new people while taking part in three days of action packed activities with qualified coaches and learning or improving new skills.



St. Colmcilles G.A.C. – 2017 Cúl Camp – Day 2

St. Colmcilles G.A.C. – 2017 Cúl Camp


Day 2 of the St. Colmcilles Cúl Camp was exposed to the elements but, the rain didn’t dampen the spirits and all the kids (and the helpers) had loads of fun once again.

Coaches from both the men’s and the ladies’ senior teams were there again teaching the kids and helping them to have a great time. A quote from one coach: “Safe to say, the future of the club is in good hands with these lot”.

The final day of the Cúl Camp is today from 10am to 3pm. It’s not too late to come down and join in.


The dates have been set for this year’s St. Colmcilles Cúl Camps. This is a great opportunity for young kids to experience Gaelic Games, whether they are regular players or are taking part for the first time. It is a great chance to meet new people while taking part in three days of action packed activities with qualified coaches and learning or improving new skills.