Boib Canty’s Kielder Lake Marathon Walk Fundraiser is Complete!!

Sorry for the slow update, but late last night I got confirmation that Bob Canty is now a marathon finisher!! Congratulations on completing your first marathon Boib!!

Boib finished the marathon in 8 hours and 50 minutes. A very respectable time considering the undulating terrain around the Kielder marathon course, around the lake.

Boib has sent us some photos which I will upload shortly. For now, here is one of him enjoying a well deserved pint after he completed his walk.

Currently, the total amount that Boib has raised is £845, a fantastic amount and not far off our initial target of £1000. St Colmcilles are well on our way to purchasing a defibrillator for the club, for the welfare and protection of our players and members.

If you haven’t yet, you can still donate at:

We really appreciate your donations and a massive thank you to Boib on his efforts to fund raise for the club!!

We must also say a massive thank you to Boib’s daughters Catherine, Fiona and Claire who were with him all the way, helping and encouraging him!!


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